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Immediate Cleanser

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A 4 oz. liquid, simply drink and then drink enough water to urinate 3-4 times and after that, any unwanted toxins will be out of your system for up to 7 hours.  This product has an advanced formulation to aid in total body elimination in as little as 1 hour. Immediate Cleanser is easy to use and tastes like tropical flavored water. Just 1 step. Tested with a proprietary blend, there are many things in life where there's just no room for compromise. Immediate Cleanser is an ideal quick flush product! Immediate Cleanser is designed to complement cleansing wellness programs. Cleansing is beneficial for maintaining optimal health. It is important to support the body's own elimination and detoxification process. It is common during a cleanse to feel fatigued. Immediate Cleanser is formulated with carbohydrates, vitamins and herbs to support an aggressive detoxification process and provide the necessary energy levels that are often lost.